Two years ago I gathered my courage, packed up my puppy Jax and my things, and headed down south to San Diego, California from San Francisco, a place I had called home for the past 20 something years. It was a very brave decision that took a lot of courage to move to a place where I hardly knew anybody, but my heart knew I needed it. I needed to head out on this journey, be near the ocean, and to find myself again. I left a thriving Photography business, family, best friends, comfort and the known for the unknown. In the past two years there have been times of “oh no what did I do” and times of pure exhilaration and joy as I stumbled through finding who I was without my comforts and safe zone because somewhere along the way I had forgotten what truly makes me smile and shine. The past two years have been a sort of discovery adventure as I turned inward and took a moment to stop, be, remember, release, and find peace in my heart. Doing the work was hard but here I am standing on the other side, and very proud of myself and the road I have taken.

A few years ago as I was going through a particularly difficult time I came across  a lovely fellow spiritual seeker Susannah Conway I cannot remember how I happened across her name, no doubt one of my insomniac riddled nights, but I found her book “This I Know” which led me to her website, and ever since have been doing her mini courses  Find Your Word and Unraveling every year. I find it a fabulous way to start the new year! Choosing a word that will give you a little support on your personal journey or as you chase your dream. The first year I moved down here to San Diego, California my word was Open as I wanted to remind myself to remain Open to the changes that were happening in my life. The second year I chose Awaken, and Grace as my supporting word to remind myself to be gentle with myself as I continued on my journey of self discovery.

This year, I continued in the tradition and I find myself gravitating towards the light, releasing, emerging, radiance, and shining. I feel it in my bones, in the deepest part of my soul and I am ready to take flight once again. The wanderlust in me calls again as I return to the journey of my dreams. As I return to the flow of life.

This year, as I embark on another journey, I choose SHINE. I feel it. Shiny and new! A year full of possibilities as I begin my journey to my dreams once again, as I begin rebuilding, after a much needed break of reflection, growth, and awakening. I release, ebb and flow, emerge and Shine!

Welcome 2016!