About Sandra

I am an outdoor photographer, visual storyteller, and light chaser. My style of fine art photography is surreal and contemplative visual storytelling, evoking a sense of light and meditative stillness. It is a visual story of the words that flow through me as I stand still, inhale, listen and feel the stories of nature, her magnificent light, and her gifts of beauty around me. Being in nature, experiencing the meditative quiet stillness that fills my soul as I create a photograph, is what I hope will evoke in the viewer as well, that light, that inner calm and stillness that nature offers to us in all her glory.
25 04, 2020

Tips For Photographers In the Time of Covid-19

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PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE FOR THE QUARANTINED PHOTOGRAPHER As we navigate as a world through this COVID-19 pandemic, it is hard not to feel isolated and overwhelmed with all the media and scary news flooding our every social media portal. As a fine [...]