I Believe in the Light and Love in this Beautiful World


I believe in the love and light in this beautiful world

I believe that there are moments where your heart feels like it will burst with happiness,
and moments where your fragile heart will break into pieces and you may never know the answer why…
I believe in that there are souls that will tell your heart to believe to give it strength again, and souls that will give your heart light when you feel you can no longer see any.
I believe there are souls that will carry your hearts pieces gently if you feel you no longer have the strength to put them back together, until you are ready.
I believe there is a kindness and compassion that still outweighs the adversities that happen in the world.
I believe in that even when we feel we can no longer carry the weight on our own, there is hope in the form of a soul that will help lighten the burden with a smile and a heartfelt kind word.
My road is long but I am blessed to have these souls in my life to help my heart in it’s strong times as well as it’s fragile times because

I still believe in the love and light in this beautiful world.