I Want To Be Remembered

I want to be remembered by how I lived

Not how I died

That I lived with eternal sunshine in my heart,

And just like the full moons light that always comes back

to light the darkest of nights,

The light of hope was something

that always kept me going

Believing in the possibilities in the world

and seeing only the good in people

Recognizing the little things in the universe

Like tiny sparkling spots of dew

on a green blade of grass in the morning light like sparkling diamonds,

my heart in awe of the creations

and artistic palette of the infinite

The flutters of tiny hummingbirds flitting around my patio

as the sun rises in its pinks and setting

the blue of the sky ablaze with a lyrical light

I want to be remembered for the smile I extended to a stranger

For the words I put out into the universe

hoping to have helped one soul through that difficult time

I want to be remembered for the light I captured in a photograph

that someone looks at time and time again

and is moved and in awe of the beauty the universe

has given us to experience

I want to be remembered for that hug I gave

or the compassion I had for others

For the empathy in my heart that so often

was heavy to carry but I was ok with it

if it helped lighten the load of another

I would gladly carry their pain to ease upon them

I want to be remembered for the love I put into baking

for my friends and family

and the love that went into creating delicious treats

and how it made my heart happy when a bite was taken and an exclamation of how yummy it was escaped them

I want to be remembered for the light and love

I lived to give and serve.

I want to be remembered by the grace of His Infinity

©Sandra Kourah