Following your dreams and figuring it out along the way is what I think life is all about. Back when I held my first SLR camera in my hand dreaming of one day actually being able to capture moments for those around me professionally seemed so far off and I wondered how I would ever get there, and yet here I am. Along the way I just figured it out and still continue to. I write this as I learn to build my own website and blog and connect them both I am discovering new things everyday…new likes, new possibilities, new creations, new avenues, new roads (the ones less traveled of course) I spend hours editing, creating, smiling and in wonderment with the images I see form in front of me in the digital darkroom and thinking only minutes have passed…and just now I realized these past few years I did follow my dream, and guess what..I just figured it out at every road block and every hurdle and kept my eye on my dream and smiled….and while the road is still very much left to travel, I can’t wait to keep figuring it out!