To be vulnerable.

To be open.

To live wholeheartedly.

To be willing to dream.

To be alive.

To live fearlessly.

To have the courage of a thousand warriors in your heart as you set forth to fulfill your destiny.

To feel the tenderness in a moment.

To have faith in the unknown.

To be daring to love deeply again.

To be brave and set out on the road less traveled.

To be awakened once again.

To take that leap.

To feel that sheer rawness of excitement.

To bestow grace upon your soul.

To be gentle with your heart.

To take the lead and be the Hero of your own story.

To have a renewed belief in magic.

To dance to the music of your dreams.

To honor your journey, for every choice made, has led you to who you are today.. the exquisite being you are. A compilation of this life’s invaluable experiences making you the unique being you are.

To quiet your mind, and listen to your heart, for it always knows the way.

That is what it is all about.

Welcome 2015 :)

– Sandra