When I think of branding sessions I think of fun, authentic, soulful you! You know you are in the right place when your brand and lifestyle complement each other and bring out the light of your story. A Lifestyle Branding session with me is about highlighting who you are, and your products and/or services through authentic visual storytelling.

Because your story is AUTHENTICALLY you… Because your adventure is uniquely you, and because you dared to follow the light within. Tell the story your heart longs to narrate.

Being an intuitive artist, I strive to capture the elemental you, honoring the light of your story.

Such was this fun lifestyle branding session at Point Loma Liberty Public Market located in San Diego, California.

She is the brave wanderlust soul behind Wild Hearts & Halos. I was honored to follow Krystal around for the day watching and documenting through visual storytelling, as she pulled inspiration for her brand from her surroundings, weaving light and dreams into her story.

Her Halos tell stories of trekking through forests, discovering far away oceans, strolling through farmers markets, and wanderlusting with the perfect accessories!!!

Be sure to check out the launch of her new collection coming soon!