Ocean Lessons

Be the love the world needs

Be the light

Life is on the other side of fear.

Take that leap.

Say I love you often.

Capture the moment and live it; be present.

Pick up the phone and make the call not just a text.

Smile from within.

Belly laugh.

Ugly cry if you have to, breathe, then ride that wave 

don’t fight it 

and you will arrive on shore.

Experience what’s on the other side.

Listen and hear the stories being told.

Be open to whatever comes next.

Start each day with gratitude.

Keep your heart open in spite of it.

Keep your soul open because of it.

Truly live the words of Be Here Now.

Be a Querent of the universe and recipient of its lessons.

Give out love and let it come in.

Believe in the magic.

©Sandra Kourah