The Lonely Tree

There it stands
The lonely tree
Solitary, sun up sun down,
It still stands.

Blowing are the cool fall winds
Orange, yellow, red, brown, are the autumn leaves
Falling to the ground,
It still stands.

Slashing are the icy winter winds
Reaching into the sky like wanton fingers
Are frigid, frost bitten branches, not dead, but asleep,
It still stands.

Reviving are the sweet spring winds
As a green carpet covers the land
And the branches are in joyful blossom once again
It still stands.

Playful are the warm summer winds
Purple, yellow, red, white, and green
Are the newborn flowers and leaves
Dancing as they are tickled
By the kiss of the summer breezes,
It still stands.

Seasons of the soul will pass
The circle of life
Will surpass
A new beginning will always come.

The tree of life in my soul
Solitary sun up sun down
My spirit stands strong
My heart beats for I believe
Summer always comes.