“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall, ” Nelson Mandela.

This rings true in every fiber of my being, for I live it and breathe it, even when I want to give up and simply stop trying and dissolve into the mundane complacency, I am innately turned towards the sunshine and the want and need to get back up, rise above it all, and try once more come back with an intensity that takes me by surprise every time as I realize my own strength and determination. Fear will try and talk me out of it for a split second, but that is all it is a split second, a whisper always drowned by the sound of the music that moves my soul to dance, the sound, smell and taste of the ocean that takes away all the roadblocks in my soul as peace descends, life beckons once more and the thrill of chasing dreams makes my heart skip a beat, a smile spreads through me and the mischievous spirit propels me once more to the start line … And I am off on another adventure…..

As we begin to contemplate on the closing of another year and the new beginnings of another, be not afraid to fail, it is part of life. The real fear lies in not getting back up, in not trying just one more time. In each time we try, if we take a step outside and look into our souls you will be met with an unbounded strength that you never realized… Use that strength and get yourself to the start line one more time… Your dreams are worth it … Have Faith and believe and Rise again!