I often wonder what is it that makes our hearts tick, is it a smile, a whisper, a kind word, the smell of first rain in the fall, is it the first snow in winter, or the first hint of a warm breeze in the spring or the first dive into a refreshingly cool lake in the summer….

Is it the unguarded innocence and trust in a child’s smile to the world, or the stolen glances of lover’s from across a room. Is it in the unconditional love of a parent to their child or is it in the nuzzles of a puppy dog thanking it’s owner for it’s warm home.

Is it in the darkness of the night in a neon lit sultry lounge, or the meeting down at the dim corner street light, or in the bottom of a glass, or a pin prick, or the swirling smolders of an undeniable high.

Is it in the homecoming of a loved one from a country torn apart under false pretenses of peace? Is it the sense of freedom that is so close yet so far, but close enough to ignite hope and a heart beat..tick, tick, tick. Is it in the colors of the red, white, and blue or standing tall right hand resting upon a heart as the sweet national anthem touches a certain strength in each one of us?

Is it in our everyday as we wake to realize the gift of having one more day to love a little, smile a little, give a little, forgive a little, forget a little, stand taller, believe a little, dream a little….

What makes our hearts tick is endless…. it is up to each one of us to look inside and trust what lies in our hearts and live each day, because all we have really is today, this moment, and what makes this moment and a thousand more that make up a lifetime is what makes our hearts tick….

© Sandra Kourah