Someone asked me once what do you like to photograph? It took me a second to think, my response was “Love”. The secret behind being great at what you do in life is “Love” Not only do I love what I do but my reason for loving photography (other than that I am a nerd and love all the technical details of camera equipment) is the ability to capture love in a forever moment. When one thinks of the word Love, the traditional sense of the word comes to mind, two people in love, however, Love is not just a couple in love, it is an emotion that is evoked in us when we see it manifested in the world around us.  It is the warmth and happiness that starts at our core and spreads to the corners of our souls and lives. It is an emotion evoked with the mere glance of a lover, that precious newborn cry, the giggle of a child, the embrace of a parent, the tales told to us by a grandparent. It is a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, fresh flowers in a garden labored over winter to be born in spring. It is the cherry blossoms in bloom in the spring, the waves of the ocean, the strength and majesty of mountains. It is so many different things to so many different people, but the emotion is always the same…love.

Then that same person asked me if I was to take one photograph from all my photography that defined me which one would it be. I said that was easy… It is this one: The Lone Cyprus.

The Lone Cyprus 17 Mile Drive - California

Defiance. Strength. Survival. Believe. Never Give Up. Beauty. The Ocean breeze entwined in its very core.

I love this place and this tree. It is a survivor against all odds. It is always a reminder to stay true to your dreams no matter what the odds say.. as a very good friend once said… “You never know what is just around the corner for you.. And you will never know if you never take a peek” 🙂